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Lombok Intl Airport Operated July 2011

Lombok International Airport is targeted to start operate at the end of July 2011, the shareholders agreed. Located at Tanah Awu in Lombok Tengah district, West Nusat Tenggara (NTB), Indonesia. The Airport established on 595 hectare, it is planned to adopt green airport concept.  The construction is a part of airport infrastructure improvement projects based on the Indonesia Infrastructure Summit in 2005.
Currently, Lombok is serviced by Selaparang Airport, the existing airport situated at Ampenan on the West coast of Lombok near the capital of Mataram.  As tourism progressing, the establishment of the new airport will support to serve flight to eastern Indonesia. Regarding Lombok and Sumbawa promoted to be Indonesias tourism destination after Bali, the future airport will be a huge advantage for tourism, as well as, trade both domestic and international.

The Indonesian government is actively promoting both Lombok and neighboring Sumbawa as Indonesia number two tourism destination after Bali. The President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Ministry of Cultural and Tourism and the regional Governor have made public statements supporting the development of Lombok as a tourism destination and setting a goal of 1 million visitors annually by the year 2012 for the combined destination of Lombok and Sumbawa. This has seen infrastructure improvements to the island including road upgrades and the construction of a much delayed new International airport in the islands south.The new Lombok International Airport is a cornerstone of this tourism destination development initiated by the Government of Indonesia and regional NTB stakeholders.