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Japan Tsunami may Impact to Indonesia Export

Some sectors of Indonesia main export-based industries will be affected while the post-earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, said deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Mr. Sibarani Franky. It is included sector of Textiles, footwear, food and beverage and also fisheries

Frank said the earthquake and tsunami in Japan may affect exports and imports of Indonesia-Japan. On the import side, for example, some Japanese auto factories are not operating for a while. He predicted a greater impact would decrease Indonesia export to Japan.

This is because Japan will be very selective in spending money. Priority expenditure items for the handling and disaster recovery. So, for the other secondary needs will not be a priority.

According to economists Hendrik Saparini, the government needs to immediately take a variety of policies to encourage exports to countries other than Japan. Therefore, the impact of severe natural disasters that hit Japan very potentially reduce export various products from Indonesia. Moreover, during the Japanese is one of the countrys largest export destination for Indonesian products.

So, whether the impact of natural disasters that hit Japan on our trade, it depends on the expertise of government, said Saparini.

Saparini stress, decreased production due to a number of manufacturing industries in Japan is currently paralyzed should be used for domestic industries. They should be able to meet the needs of global markets outside of Japan itself. Especially during this cooperation in the field of manufacturing industry between Indonesia and Japan as well as a number of leading countries in Asia has been running well.

Meanwhile, Minister of Industry, MS Hidayat said that Japan as a country that has three major world economic power is the main export markets of Indonesia. He hopes the impact of the earthquake and tsunami for Indonesia export activity is not too beat.